What the Air Suvitha Form is

Air Suvitha Self Declaration is a declaration form implemented to be able to enter India during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is mandatory for each passenger traveling to India. This self-declaration form asks for our data and information concerning health and travel. On Air Suvitha Portal, we should also include the travel history from the last 14 days. This data must be completed carefully. Air Suvitha Form defeated is more than sure if there are mistakes in it. The declaration form must be filled out within 72 hours before we enter India or as soon as we collect all the necessary information required to complete the Air Suvitha form. The declaration form may be easily found on the Internet, and all formalities may be completed remotely. All you need to sort out the paperwork is an electronic device connected to the Internet and an active mailbox. Just go to the Air Suvitha portal and complete the self-declaration form. Confirmation of the approval will be sent to your email address.
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Suvitha Self Declaration Form Application Guide

Air Suvitha Forms are easy to complete. They should be filled in carefully so that no mistakes happen. Here is the list of a few steps you need to go through when applying for the Air Suvitha Self Declaration.
  1. Filling out the self-declaration form over the Internet by completing the required information
  2. Attachment of copies of necessary documents like a valid passport, a vaccination certificate, or a PCR test report not older than 72 hours before arrival in India.
  3. Choosing a preferred online payment method and covering the cost of the Suvitha Self Declaration Form service
  4. Download the PFD file with the acknowledgment of filing in the Self Declaration Form.

Filling out the form and what’s next?

When you complete Suvitha Self Declaration Form, you receive a PDF confirmation of Suvitha Self Declaration Form approval. You should print it and keep the paper version as long as you stay in India. You should also keep the electronic confirmation on your mobile device for security reasons.

What is required to apply for India Self Declaration Form?

Requested Documents
  • proof of negative PCR test result/a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19
  • a valid passport
Technical Specifications
  • an active mailbox
  • a device, with good internet connection (phone/PC/laptop/tablet)
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Covid-19 Entry regulations

India implemented the latest updates of entry requirements on the 14th of February, 2022. Fully vaccinated passengers do not need to get tested before traveling to India. There is no need for quarantine (just 14 days of self-monitoring) and on-arrival testing. Travelers without full vaccinations must take a PCR test 72 hours before their planned arrival in India. The test report must be submitted to the health declaration form. 2% of passengers will be randomly tested after arrival in India. There is no must to wait for tests results at the airport Children under the age of 5 do not have to be PCR tested

How can I apply for India Self Declaration Form?

To complete the Air Suvitha Self Declaration Form, you need a stable connection to the Internet and an electronic device, like, e.g., a laptop or a tablet. First, you complete personal information, then copies of necessary documents have to be submitted. Paying the fee is the last step of the application. In the end, you will receive the confirmation via email. You should carry a paper version of the self-declaration form during your travel.
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What should I know about Suvitha Self Declaration Form?

It is an online declaration form implemented because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each passenger who wants to visit India is obliged to apply for it.

What documents do I need before completing Air Suvitha Form?

The first step is to prepare a valid passport and proof of vaccination. If not fully vaccinated, you will also need a negative PCR test result. Besides the COVID-19-related documentation, you need to collect your flight details, residence address, travel history, etc.

Is there a time limit for me to complete the Air Suvitha Self Declaration Form

Passengers traveling to India have to apply for the self-declaration within 72 hours before entering the country. If a PCR test result is required, it should also be taken 72 hours before your arrival.

How much does Air Suvidh Form cost?

A service fee of 34 euros needs to be covered when applying for Suvitha Self Declaration Form. It is the cost of professional assistance.

Who is obliged to apply for Air Suvitha Declaration?

India Self Declaration Form is required for all foreign passengers traveling to India. Children cannot be enlisted on their parents’ self-declaration form. A separate Declaration Form has to be completed.